The Best Worst Golf Gifts

The Best Worst Golf Gifts

This is our ultimate guide to the worst golf gifts you could buy a golfer.  Avoid these at all costs.  At the end, we are going to share some of the golf gifts you might want to think about instead:

1. Golf ball and golf tee sets.

Why are they so bad, well the balls used in these are just terrible and no golfer would play well with them! Avoid these at all costs. Not only that but they are usually way over priced.  These are often seen at Christmas time, for all golfers sake, please avoid! 

2. Personalised silver tee

I have no idea what a golfer would do with this.  They are certainly not going to use it on the golf course and if they have it at home or at work it’s just going to end up in a draw.  I think they are expensive and pretty useless.  At around £50, they are really expensive too.

3. Toilet mini golf

If you ask me in the toilet is where this should go! I mean what is this for?  This is never going to be left out at anyone’s house, a complete waste of money. DO NOT BUY!

4. Golf ball finder glasses

Trust me, no golfer is going to be seen dead wearing a pair of these on the golf course!  All golfers would rather lose their ball and play another, rather than put these on to find it.  Complete waste of money, even if they do work.

5. Visor with Fake Hair

Again no serious golfer will be seen dead in these.  Might be fun for the first tee on one round, but after that it will live in the bottom of the golf bag.  Don’t buy this!

6. The golf mug

Again there is this perception that golfers want a golf mug with a hole at the bottom.  Or a glass with a golf ball stick in the side of it.  Well we don’t! These are terrible.