How do I find and join a golf society?

When you are starting out playing golf, joining a golf society can be a real benefit.


Well if you are not linked to a golf club yet (i.e. a member of a golf club), it will give you plenty of opportunity to try out courses in your area.

Plus it can be an awesome way to find people to play with as well as being great fun as there is usually a lot of social banter to be had!

Where do I find golf societies?

IDEA 1: Ask around

Golf is a very popular sport now in the UK. It might be that your neighbour plays golf or even someone you work with.  Ask around, it might surprise you just who turns out to be a golfer!

IDEA 2: Use the Social Golfer

The Social Golfer online golf community (TSG) is a place where you can find new golf partners & societies, join local golf games and events in your area or county, run golf societies and golf groups, track your scores, establish a handicap certificate and join in with the latest chat and forum discussions. Receive The TSG Newsletter each month with tips and advice from qualified PGA Golf Pro’s on how to improve your game.  You can check out The Social Golfer by clicking here.

IDEA 3: Join the Golf Society of Great Britain

The Golf Society of Great Britain (The GSGB) was founded in 1955 with the object of promoting goodwill and providing funds to further the interest of the game in all its aspects.

It now has about 750 members and a variety of activities described below. The GSGB is a non-profit making association, run by a properly constituted executive committee elected annually by its members. You can visit the website by clicking here.

Once you have found your society why not suggest a venue?

One of the best resources to find clubs that accept societies, is to look at Here you can search for golf courses by location.