Caricature/Avatar Face

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  • Our most popular option
  • We will turn a photo of your face into a caricature (with the help of our talented designers) and use that digital image as the face for the headcover.
  • The photo needs to be taken face on, in good lighting with a high-quality camera
  • Our awesome design team will customise the t-shirt based on feedback from you
  • Choose the color/design of your t-shirt.
  • Choose to include your name/nickname, your golf club logo or your company logo.
  • You can even match your t-shirt design to your favorite golf outfit, match a bold pair to trousers to the design.
  • Sized to fit all golf drivers.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.¬† We will not provide a refund if the reason for dissatisfaction is due to the poor quality photo we were sent initially.

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Once you order, you will be asked to send us a photo of yourself along with some ideas for the t-shirt.

When the design has been finalised we will make up the headcover and ship it out to you.

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